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Post by Jin Kirigiri on Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:41 am

To enroll, one must be top in their field of expertise and also must be a high school student. The talented youth are scouted from all across Japan to be enrolled as a part of the student body. If they graduate from the school, they are almost certainly guaranteed success in life. While cultivating the talents of such shining talents, we hope to create the greatest hope mankind has ever seen. 

With so many great talents yet to be discovered, we as the Board of Directors, have decided to expand our operations by founding a new Academy and are currently looking for prospective students.

Please read and respect the rules. There will be 2 warnings, on a 3rd offence the student will be expelled.

  • We request that all RP'ers stay very active during the RP! If you are going to be away for more than three weeks please send this blog a message. If you’re inactive for 3 or more weeks and we have not received a message we will remove you from the roster.
  • This is a school environment! Any NSFW based rps must be done in the privacy of dorm rooms (or other private areas for those rebellious students. You must also make sure you ask other rpers before initiating these kind of rps to make sure they are okay with it. That being said, please put "NSFW" in the title in case any participants are not comfortable with seeing those types of rp.
  • Although this takes place before “the incident”, murder may still happen because we all know about the corrupt Hope’s Peak Academy. If you do plan on murdering someone though, PLEASE discuss it with the admin of the victim. You must also message us here and let us know what is happening so we can confirm with the victim and arrange for them to continue the rp in another way if they wish.
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