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Post by Kasumi Muro on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:44 pm

First Name: Kasumi
Last Name: Muro
Age: 16
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'8 (173cm)
Weight: 130 lbs
Waist (in): 27
Chest (in): 30
Skin Color: pale ish
Hair Color: dark brown
Hair Style: full fringe, hair tied back into a neat long plait that drapes over left shoulder
Eye Color: lavender
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: SHSL Mortician

Physical Description

Kasumi is a rather tall young woman, with lavender eyes and a pale complexion. She wears her dark brown hair in a braid which is draped over her left shoulder. The braid is tied together with a black ribbon and secured with a grey flower hairpin. Her outfit consists of deep purple peplum blazer over a white blouse and black tie, along with a matching purple pencil skirt, translucent black stockings and flat dress shoes. She often wears gloves, a leather black pair being the most common choice but has a variety of different colours and materials.
Father: unnamed father
Sister(s): younger sister (deceased)
Grandparents: unnamed grandmother

Personality and Actions

Basic/Normal/Standard: polite and formal with others, reserved. Hasn't spent much time with people her own age so social norms and slang goes over her head.

Seeing Murder: frowns upon sight of the body, closes eyes and lowers head in respect for the victim. Offers solace and support for those grieving - insists the group holds a memorial service of some sort.

Seeing Crush: loss of words, becomes rather nervous, try's to avoid situations which could lead to her being alone with them.

When Tired: drowsy, confused, slouches, poor balance and bad posture

When Stressed: hair pulling/tugging, nails digging into skin, grits teeth. All these are masked as best as she can when with others

When Nervous: paces, avoids eye contact and avoids situations where speech is needed

When Afraid: when alone locks herself in a small spaces/ in the dark, hugs her knees and cries.
When with others try's to be the support for everyone else, voice may wobble or falter.

Where can a person find them hanging out usually? The campus gardens, the library or anywhere on school grounds that's outside

Loves: flowers, the colour purple, lakes, nature
Likes: potpourri, star gazing, thunderstorms, urban legends, coffee, salty foods
Indifferent: music, dancing, makeup, sweet foods
Dislike: fast food, over populated areas, pollution, the city, being cold
Hate: loud music, arrogance, murders, 'unnecessary' deaths
Pet Peeves: ignorance
Fears: needles



Quirks--Welp, just as it says, Quirks

Bad Habits:
Talking Tics:
Unconscious Habits:

Kasumi grew up living in a small cottage with her father and younger sister. She was a really sensitive child and would cry often when she saw animals hurt, if she ever found a dead animal she would hold small funerals for them and surrounding them with daisies. The best memories were when she was outside in the meadow next to the cottage with her sister. They would pick crash flowers to decorate the house with and lie in the grass for hours.
When Kasumi turned 10 her younger sister became very ill with pneumonia and passed away later that year at the age of 7. Kasimi's was distraught but insisted that she help her father and the mortician prepare her body, she did her sisters makeup and plaited her hair before she was dragged out of them as she refused to leave her sisters side.
After the death of her sister,her father sold the cottage and both of them went to live with Kasumi's grandma. Due to mental instability unstable after his daughter death Kasumi's father could no longer work and her grandmother was too old. She made a small amount of income of delivering flowers; mostly to a local funeral directory. She then worked as the front of house for directory; taking bookings and speaking with the families directly giving solace and comfort to those grieving.
Kasumi started organizing and leading pet funerals at the age of 11 and then became known as the youngest mortician in Japan after her first human funeral at the age of 12.

Relationships (other students in this rp only)

Anna Lee;

Sophie Langlois;
Kasumi Muro

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