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Post by Anna Lee on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:35 am

First Name: Anna
Last Name: Lee
Age: 16
Blood Type:
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 110lbs
Waist (in): 24
Chest (in): 36
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Straight with middle part
Eye Color: Blue
Super High School Level: Fashion Model


Physical Description (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc)
On Head: 
On Neck: Pink choker with silver heart buckle
On Torso:
On Right Arm: Black hair scrunchie
On Left Arm:  
On Waist: 
On Right Leg: 
On Left Leg:
On Right Foot: Black Mary Jane heels and pink socks with lace at the top
On Left Foot: Black Mary Jane heels and pink socks with lace at the top






Personality and Actions (How they show/what they do themselves when...)
Basic/Normal/Standard: permanent bitch face, annoyed most of the time
Seeing Murder: throws up at sight of blood, indifferent if someone that’s disliked. Hysterical horror and sadness if friend
Seeing Crush: shows off as much thigh as possible. Purposely will drop things and bend over in front of them. Basically a ho
When Tired: extremely irritable, bitchier than usual
When Stressed: will cry out of frustration if pushed too far
When Nervous: fidgety with hands, also scratches up arms if extremely nervous
When Afraid: panics, hyperventilation and cries. Also shakes

Where can a person find them hanging out usually? Mall or Starbucks


*at least five to eight each
Loves: Boys, socks, black with accent of pink, dogs, attention
Likes: Comics, cute underwear, really short skirts and shorts, tuna, pink
Indifferent: Rodents, Japanese radio, name brands, Ed Sheeran, salad
Dislike: “ugly” people, problems that require a lot of thinking, pizza, public transit, long drives
Hate: people who talk too much, insects, outdoors, excessive positivity, the country, waiting

Pet Peeves: being talked over, 
Fears: being forgotten, bugs especially spiders,


Murder (What's the most likely way your OC would do it?)


Execution (How would Monokuma punish them?)


Bad Habits: lip biting
Talking Tics: 
Unconscious Habits: twirling/touching hair


Background (Give at least five to ten sentences to describe their upbringing. Don't forget how they found out their Super High School Level)


Relationships (Other students in this rp only)
Kasumi Muro:

Sophie Langlois:
Anna Lee

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