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Character Application

Post by Jin Kirigiri on Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:32 am

Before you can start role playing you must submit an application so we can keep everything in order. For example we can be sure there's no more than one student with a SHSL. Please copy the code below and reply to this thread with your application. Once you have posted your application register for the forum and make your username the SAME NAME as your character. First and last name, space included. For example Junko's username would be "Junko Enoshima". Once we've reviewed your application we will either ACCEPT or DENY your account. If your account is DENIED, please check the SHSL claims forum as you were probably denied because your chosen SHSL or face claim was already taken.

*No rp experience is required we just want to know for statistics!

[b]ABOUT YOU[/b]
[b]Your Timezone[/b]:
[b]Times you are most active[/b]:
[b]Do you have any rp experience?[/b]

[b]Reference picture(s)[/b]:
[b]Face Claim[/b]: 

[i]Prompt: Today is the day of your practical exam, where you demonstrate your special talent to see if you are still worthy to be a student at our academy. You will be harshly judged and your performance will be broadcasted all over the country. If you are deemed inadequate you will be dismissed from the school and the program. How did you prepare for the exam, and what happens when it's your turn? (Minimum of 2 paragraphs.)[/i]
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